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Setting up TFTP server on Windows Machine

Go to tftpd32 website.

Click Download from the top menu. Then Select tftpd32 standard edition (installer) and download the exe file.

Start the installer and if prompted with the following screen hit yes.


Select I Agree



Leave the default settings and hit Next.




Leave the default location unless you really have to change it and then hit Install.


Installation should be now complete, simply click close.




From your desktop double-click the Tftpd32 icon.

Once the application starts, select Settings > GLOBAL (Tab) and just check TFTP Server/Client unless you want the others.

Now select TFTP (Tab) > Browse (Base Directory)

I recommend you to create a tftp folder under (C:) drive and select it as below and hit ok:

If it prompts to restart the server please do so. Your ftp server is ready to use.